San Diego, CA



We must always endeavor to be better and do better for coffee,
humankind and the earth. Making exceptional coffee is our objective;
improving the world around us is our mission.

Taylor Fields


FreshRoasted Coffee

There was just one thing that could make your cozy neighborhood café better… the coffee. That’s why we’ve partnered with world-class coffee growers, ethically exceptional coffee millers, and an award-winning roaster: It’s time to bring world-class coffee to this incredibly intimate experience. From origin to experience, from seed to cup, from past to present, from us to you.

SustainablityGet Green

We spent months tweaking and re-engineering our mobile café, constantly asking ourselves, “What extra step could we take? What can we try that no one else has tried?” If you’d like a tour of the Nostalgia truck’s many green features, just say the word. We’re kind of proud of it. Suffice to say, this is among California’s most innovative cafes on four wheels.

MobileCoffee Shop

Nostalgia Coffee remembers when enjoying a cup of coffee made us feel great. It’s our mission to bring that feeling to you. That’s why we’ve stocked our world-class mobile café with tomorrow’s technology, and yesterday’s hospitality. Whether its sitting at home brewing a cup of our roasted coffee or hanging out with us on the road, that great feeling will surely be there.

Findthe Mobile Cafe


Monday: UCSD Mesa Nueva 7am-2pm
Tuesday: PB Market 2pm-7pm
Wednesday: OB Market 4pm-8pm
Thursday: UCSD Mesa Nueva 7am-2pm
Friday: UCSD Mesa Nueva 7am-2pm
Saturday: REI San Diego 9am-6pm
Sunday: REI San Diego 10am-4:30pm




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