Colombia Geisha Allium Light Roast Coffee

226g / 8oz

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Taylor Fields and Felipe Trujillo in Colombia at La Ventola Farm

This is our third coffee release from Rigoberto Herrera of Cafe Granja La Esperanza (CGLE) in Colombia. As you may know, CGLE and Nostalgia won the Golden Bean North American Championships in 2022.

Yes--that Sudan Rume was delicious and remains Taylor's favorite coffee, but this Geisha is even better! Seriously. 

Unlike Baby Dragons and the Sudan Rume that came before, this Geisha Allium is incredibly balanced and excitingly bright.  Similar to the gorgeous, colorful and bright Allium plant that grows over 6,000ft in Colombia, this coffee has exquisite beauty that required immense care, a bit of luck, a wonderfully creative producer, and a talented roaster to come to fruition. 

The Process

Rigo and his team processed this Geisha using a hybrid washed method which starts by hand picking each tree in order to select only cherries at peak ripeness. After picking the cherries, the coffee is fermented for 48 hours in anaerobic tanks, where they are then de-pulped and fermented again for another 96 hours! Following the second fermentation, the coffee then dries mechanically for 72 hours. The result is a highly curated coffee that is as unique as each Allium plant found in the wild.  

The Result

The cup is lively, dazzling each taste bud it rolls over but the balanced acidity begs the drinker to come back for more. The buttery mouthfeel reminds us of why Geisha is the most sought after variety of coffee in the world, and the floral hints and fruity pops remind us that spring and brighter days are just around the corner.

About CGLE

This coffee was grown and processed by one of the most well known producers in the world--Cafe Granja La Esperanza (CGLE). CGLE was originally founded in 1945 by Blanca Ligia Correa and Juan Antonio Herrera. Fun fact--they had 14 kids!  Today, CGLE is run by Rigoberto Herrera and comprises of five farms which have won numerous awards including: 

1. Golden Bean North America 2022 (With Nostalgia's release of the Sudan Rume)

2. #15 Coffee for 2022 by Coffee Review (With Nostalgia'a release of the Sudan Rume)

3. SCAA Brewer’s Cup Gold

4. World Barista Championship

5.Roaster's Choice award

CGLE's dedication to innovation, precision, and research is changing the landscape for coffee producers around the world, resulting in better yields, more sustainable practices and better quality. 



About The Roaster's Reserve Program

Only the most awe-inspiring and rare coffees we develop are given the Roaster's Reserve distinction.These coffees must be nearly free from all defects, be roasted in nano batches, and provide an unparalleled sensory experience — evoking nostalgic memories in those who taste it.

We have released over 50 coffees at Nostalgia in 2.5 years, but only three have ever earned this title before. Only the best of the best make the cut and we are thrilled to share these remarkable and one of a kind coffees with you.

Every Roaster's Reserve Coffee is packaged in a Professional Series Coffee Vac. Why? This reusable Vac allows freshly roasted coffee to degas and breath, maintaining freshness by creating a vacuum seal each time the Vac is closed. :)


Colombia Geisha Allium - Light Roast Coffee

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