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Remember that cozy neighborhood café you used to visit? It was a place where you could hide in a corner with a magazine, meet study buddies, or just share a smile with a barista before continuing your day. We’ve honored all those memories in the mobile cafe and roastery of our dreams: Nostalgia Coffee.

Taylor Fields

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Nostalgia Coffee meets you wherever you are, with our world-class mobile cafe and our coffee subscription service. We meet you there aesthetically, with approachable roasts. And we meet you personally, with old-fashioned person-to-person connections.

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From recyclable cups, compostable lids to sea life approved paper straws we do our best to run a quality and ethics-driven coffee shop. We built our roastery with our carbon footprint in mind. The state of the art roastery emits minimal greenhouse gases by using clean burning propane to power each batch of coffee roasted. Our coffee is sourced with the farmer in mind, roasted with care, and brewed just for you.

QualityCoffee Sourcing

Our head roaster and production team work around the clock to ensure that the green beans we seek meet our extremely high standards. Unlike big corporate coffee companies, we provide only ethically sourced, sustainably grown and impeccably brewed coffee. We are really proud of the fact that when you drink a cup of coffee brewed by us, you can feel good about your drink.



Nostalgia baristas are certified by the only internationally recognized barista guild, and use only methods and recipes approved by the Specialty Coffee Association. Even the water at Nostalgia undergoes extensive chemical testing and certification. We start by using ultra-purified water via Reverse Osmosis (RO) and then carefully mix back in the exact minerals that are required to make coffee taste its best. We measure our mineral count daily using a Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) Meter to ensure we have consistent mineral counts in our water from day-to-day.

We nerd out and obsess over details, so you can relax and enjoy every coffee in it best version of itself (which is what we all want to be).