San Diego, CA

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Nostalgia Coffee is dedicated to bringing the coziness of a neighborhood café to any occasion. We put our hearts into building this mobile café and roastery with love, from the wheels up and the ground up. We have an award winning head roaster, and we’re certified by America’s only internationally recognized barista guild… but in the end, our goal is to share our love with you.

Taylor Fields


We would love to talk to you about coffee, but we won’t make you. If you just want a drink, that’s great. If, on the other hand, you want to discuss the producers who harvested and milled our beans… or our roast-master who combines digital technology with hard-won sensory knowledge whom balances sweetness and smokiness in every roast… it would be our pleasure.

Sustainability& Social Impact

We are committed to upholding sustainable business practices and ethical sourcing of goods. From sea turtle friendly paper straws to trusted partners who work directly with coffee farmers, we believe that every action matters.  Learn more about our sustainable practices.

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