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Colombia Jaime Lopez Light Roast Coffee

340g / 12oz

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Colombia Jaime Lopez - Light Roast Coffee

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Colombia Jaime Lopez

Producer: La Fortuna Jaime Lopez

Region: Santa Barbara, Antioquia, Colombia

Varieties: Castillo Colombia

Process: Natural

Altitude: 1650 MASL

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Only the most rare and awe-inspiring coffees we touch are given the Roaster's Reserve distinction.

In the verdant valleys of Santa Barbara, Antioquia, Colombia, La Fortuna farm stands as a beacon of elite coffee cultivation. Our paths crossed with Jaime during a jaunt to Colombia in July 2022. On a spontaneous evening walk down a winding, muddy path, our team ventured towards a neighboring farm where we were staying. Against the soft hues of a setting sun, we met Jaime and his family. This wasn’t merely their home; it was the epicenter of their coffee realm. As the night unfolded, enriched by heartfelt conversations, our bond with Jaime deepened—a coffee aficionado radiating genuine warmth and unparalleled mastery.

Every cherry Jaime selects is a testament to his unwavering dedication. They undergo a meticulous process, from a 90-hour immersion in open tanks to a sunlit dance over 4-6 weeks. The result? Coffee that captivates with notes of strawberry jam, hints of peach, and the rich depth of Pinot Noir.

Beyond the beans and brews, it's the stories and relationships that truly amplify our journey to this brilliant coffee and even our company's foundational ethos. It is deeply enriched by the insights of Lucas and Sofia Cuadros and their groundbreaking spirit behind Unblended Coffee. Unblended stands at the core of our narrative, echoing the concept of "Terroir" and celebrating the distinct craft of each producer. This guiding principle spurred them to collaborate with visionary coffee producers, always championing transparency and quality.

Their influence has been instrumental as they've not only bridged us with every producer we've collaborated with in the region but have also nurtured a deep bond with our founder, Taylor Fields. This connection thrives on shared entrepreneurial aspirations, challenges, victories, and collaborative mentorship with Felipe Trujillo—a coffee luminary we regard with the highest esteem.

Felipe Trujillo, of La Ventolera, personifies this mission. Since the genesis of our roasting program, Felipe has stood as a steadfast ally for us and Unblended Coffee. His journey from being the CEO of an office supply firm to helming a coffee farm—a legacy from his grandfather—all the while mentoring aspiring producers is a testament to his fervor. Inspired by the wine industry, Felipe delved deep into the nuances of fermentation processes. Today, La Ventolera serves as a sanctuary for specialty coffee, mentoring budding farmers in the art and science of coffee cultivation.

So, when you savor La Fortuna's brew, recognize that it's more than just a drink. It's a tapestry of stories, passion, relationships, and a legacy intricately woven by hands dedicated to their art. Cheers to Jaime, Lucas, Sofia, and Felipe, and to the rich blend of tales and souls that render every sip unforgettable.


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    Ryan SVG verified by SHOP
    United States

    This coffee by no measure could be considered “light roast.” It was beyond medium into dark roast.

    Thomas H.
    United States

    Really nice

    This coffee is exceptional. I needed to let the beans sit for a week or so to reach their peak due to the fact that they arrived at my door promptly and were only a few days off roast. Nice strawberry tasting notes and could really pick up the Pinot noir. This coffee has a really nice mouth feel. Roast quality was excellent. Nostalgia knows their business.