Meet Valeria Pino: a Next-Generation Coffee Farmer

Meet the Producer: Valeria Pino of Santa Barbara, Colombia

At Nostalgia, we use coffee as a catalyst to achieve our mission of which equity, inclusion, diversity, and sustainability are at the core. Part of this means seeking out and working with women producers around the world, ensuring that they earn a thriving rate for their coffee and amplifying their voices.

One of these amazing women is Valeria Pino, who at 17 is slowly taking over her parents' farm and introducing her coffee to the specialty market. We are honored to have purchased the first coffee she has ever exported to the United States, and do a limited run with the coffee (already sold out)!  Through our partnership, we will work with Valeria every year to improve the quality of her coffee and help strengthen economic growth in her community.

This video interview is a great intro to Valeria. Taylor Fields, our Founder, traveled to Colombia in June 2022 to visit Valeria and her family. We hope you enjoy this meet-the-producer interview.

Keep an eye out for our next coffee from Valeria dropping in the fall of 2022.

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